We provide dance teachers & practitioners with resources that can be used in both school and community settings.

Movement combinations and exercises are an essential part to any dance class, but with more of us leading hectic lives it leaves little time to create new movement or feel inspired.

We feel there is a need to support teachers, freelance practitioners and dancers who don't always have the time to be creative or attend a dance class for inspiration. Our aim is to bring new movement to the studio, helping to widen the movement vocabulary for both yourself and your students.

Our resources can be used in the class or as a starting point to create your own exercises.


Dance Resources was founded by dance practitioners Charlotte Greaves and Samantha Blackden.

Charlotte is an international Dance Artist who has a wide range of experience both as a performer and teacher in both the UK and South East Asia. She possesses skills as a GCSE Dance examiner and moderator as well as specialist dance advisor for the National Dance Teachers Association. Charlotte is currently researching ways into how Dance can support Literacy and Numeracy, with a particular focus on EYFS & EAL learners.

Samantha is the artistic director for Kent based dance company Cascade Dance and acts as facilitator, choreographer and performer within the company. Her experience within dance stretches throughout education and community, teaching contemporary technique & choreography, working with schools and organisations throughout the South East. Samantha is an accredited Dance Leader, Arts Award Advisor and holds a Diploma in teaching Contemporary Dance (NATD).

Contemporary Dance DVD: Volume 1

A practical DVD resource aimed at GCSE and A Level students.

Contemporary Dance DVD: Volume 2

A practical DVD resource aimed at GCSE, BTEC & A LEVEL

Dance Lifts DVD Vol. 1

A practical DVD resource providing beginner, intermediate and advanced lifts.

Dance Lifts DVD Vol. 2

A practical DVD resource providing beginner, intermediate and advanced lifts.


"This contemporary dance DVD has inspired me to create new movement for my classes. It's also accessible for non - dance practitioners, which is great for cover work!"

Trina Simmons, Head of Dance,
Knole Academy, Sevenoaks

"Working with Dance resources has been an amazing experience for the students at Leeds West Academy. The chance to work with such dedicated dance professionals had been wonderful. They made the students feel at ease so they were able to be creative and have fun."

Claire Williamson, Head of Dance,
Leeds West Academy

"The lifts DVD has been a really useful teaching tool, using it in lessons for K3, 4 AND 5. I have seen the lifts readily integrated into the student work, making their choreographies more sophisticated. The DVD was really easy to use- no prior planning required."

Melanie Ward, Dance Teacher,
Ravens Wood School for boys.
Thanks to Sue Tye Photography.