Who are Dance Resources?

Founded by Kim Glasgow, Dance Resources hope is to create cutting-edge downloadable dance resources designed specifically for dance, performing arts or physical education students of secondary school age in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and beyond. From secondary school dance lessons,  technique classes to primary school performing arts schemes and PE lessons, our resources are usable in a wide range of teaching contexts.

Why Choose Dance Resources Materials?

At Dance Resources, we are dedicated to supporting both seasoned dance teachers and those who are new to teaching dance. We understand the challenges dance educators face and what students require to excel in today’s dynamic dance landscape. Our teaching units are designed to save teachers precious preparation time and spark creativity for engaging lessons.

What's Included in a Scheme of Work?

Each unit covers a range of practical skills and theoretical concepts over six to seven lessons, culminating in an assessment session. Supplementary materials include a comprehensive teaching guide with detailed lesson plans and technical movement videos. For GCSE  each lesson also features photocopiable/google classroom assignable workbooks and homework books, complete with answers, as well as an assessment test/performance and criteria to reinforce learning.

Are There Any Annual Subscription Costs?

All our units are available for individual purchase with a lifetime license. Packages are available to be shared for Department and Multi Academy use.

Do I Need to Purchase an Entire Series of Units?

Not at all. You have the flexibility to select individual units that align with your school’s dance curriculum. Many schools start by acquiring one or two units to suit their initial needs. Over the course of the year we will release new schemes, resulting in full sequencing of learning from Beginner to GCSE Level.

How Do the Units Offer Value for My Budget?

Creating each unit demands extensive effort and hours of work to ensure high-quality content. Our scheme of learning prices start at just £50, available as a one-time, lifetime purchase. This translates to excellent value per lesson and may cost just a few pence per student across an entire year group. In subsequent years, there are no additional costs.

Do You Offer Sample Material?

Certainly. You can download a free lesson and lesson plan for every scheme of work on our website. Select ‘free’ when exploring our shop, then checkout for free using the basket and you will find a button to download a sample editable lesson.

How Can I Learn More?

Visit the Shop section on our website and choose your area of interest. Click on a specific product to explore its content and the lessons it covers. There are full videos of every resource available.

Which Units Would You Recommend I Start With? / Can You Help with My Curriculum Planning?

If you need fresh ideas for your curriculum planning, have a look at our sequencing maps to see how our units can seamlessly integrate into your existing schemes of work. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us directly.

How Much Does a Teaching Unit Cost?

Prices are displayed on each product in our shop on the website.

How Soon Will I Receive the Materials?

Instantly. Our files come in 2 different sets of formats.

You will receive a zip file for Microsoft Office files (MS Word and MS Powerpoint). Please note that the Google Form quizzes are incompatible with Microsoft related products.

You will also receive a link to a shared google drive folder which will allow you to copy files to your own google drive folder allowing you to assign these using the Google Classroom. Full instructions on these are included within the download links.