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Hey there, I’m Kim! I’m a dance teacher and teaching and learning lead in a state secondary school. I love to develop creative dance lessons and embrace technology in the classroom. Back in 2008, I started designing the kind of resources I always wished I had as a teacher. Now, I’m excited to share those resources with you through Dance Resources.

As fellow dance educators, we all know how demanding our schedules can be. That’s why I’ve designed these materials to lighten your load, giving you back valuable time so you can focus on what matters most – nurturing your students’ passion for dance.

What sets Dance Resources apart? It’s all about empowering you. Our editable teaching plans are incredibly flexible, adapting seamlessly to your teaching style, your school’s curriculum, and the unique dynamics of your students. We’re also committed to helping you tick those Ofsted boxes and stay ahead of the curve with fresh teaching and learning ideas.

We’re here to support your amazing teaching in every way we can. Think of Dance Resources as your toolkit, packed with 15 years of classroom-tested strategies and resources to save you time and help you feel confident in meeting educational standards.

Clear Learning Objectives and Key Concepts
Practical Dance Instructional Videos with Music Playlists
Printable/Electronic Student Workbooks
Creative Tasks, Questioning, SEND & Challenge Adjustments
Assessment Flightpaths and Criteria for Measurable Progress

Dance Resources is designed by a teacher, for teachers. So whether you’re teaching dance, performing arts, or PE, our materials are your go-to toolkit. Let’s create unforgettable dance experiences together!

Microsoft & Google editable resources

Microsoft & Google editable resources

Lesson plans, workbooks that are fully differentiated

Full Schemes of work with teacher guides


Tried and tested by thousands of pupils.

BENEFITSWhy choose

Dance Experts

Backed by years of teaching, our resources are a result of hands-on experience, ensuring their practicality and effectiveness in classrooms.

Engaging & Interactive

With captivating warm-ups, dynamic activities, and inspiration from industry professionals, our resources keep students engaged and excited about learning dance.

Inclusive and Accessible

Designed with inclusivity in mind, our materials cater to diverse learning needs, providing ideas, student workbooks and support for every student's growth.

Curriculum Alignment

Exceeding curriculum standards, our resources cover key dance elements while going above and beyond the PE National Curriculum to foster a deep appreciation for the art form.

Adaptable to you

Flexible like a ballerina! All fully editable allowing you to choreograph your lessons just the way you like and keeping your teaching style in the spotlight.

Measurable Progress

Effective assessment strategies, assessment booklets and plenaries ensure you can measure your students' progress and tailor your teaching for optimal outcomes.


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