Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Acceptance of Terms

1.1. By accessing or using the website www.danceresources.co.uk and purchasing resources from Dance Resources, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

2. Licensing

2.1. Dance Resources offers three types of licenses for its dance resources: Individual Teacher License, Department License, and MAT LEA License. It is your responsibility to select the correct license type based on your needs.

2.2. Each license type grants access to Dance Resources’ resources for specific purposes as outlined in the license agreement. Unauthorized use of resources under a different license type is strictly prohibited.

3. Sharing of Resources

3.1. You are not permitted to share Dance Resources’ dance resources with other teachers, individuals, or entities who do not hold a valid license for those resources.

4. Modification of Resources

4.1. You may modify the dance resources provided by Dance Resources to suit your specific teaching requirements. However, any modified resources must not be distributed or sold to others in any form.

5. Prohibited Activities

5.1. You are strictly prohibited from selling individual parts or components of Dance Resources’ dance resources, whether modified or in their original form, to third parties.

6. Copyright and Ownership

6.1. All dance resources provided by Dance Resources on the website www.danceresources.co.uk are protected by copyright laws. The copyright for these resources remains with Dance Resources. Your purchase of a license grants you the right to use the resources in accordance with the terms specified in your selected license.

7. Termination

7.1. Dance Resources reserves the right to terminate your access to the website www.danceresources.co.uk and revoke your license(s) if you violate any of these terms and conditions.

8. Refunds

8.1. Dance Resources does not offer refunds for its dance resources. This policy is in place to prevent abuse of the system where individuals may download resources and then request a refund.

9. Download Limitations

9.1. For security reasons, each licensed user is allowed to download a resource a maximum of three times. If you require additional downloads beyond this limit, please contact Dance Resources for assistance.

10. Governing Law

10.1. These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Great Britain. Any disputes arising from the use of the website www.danceresources.co.uk and its resources shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Great Britain.

11. Contact Information

11.1. For any inquiries or concerns regarding these terms and conditions, please contact Dance Resources at info@danceresoruces.co.uk.