KS3/KS4 Dance – Contact Work and Floorwork

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Get your KS3/Year 8/Year 9 students moving and grooving with this fun and comprehensive unit on floorwork and contact work! They’ll learn cool dance moves, how to safely work with partners, and unleash their creativity through movement. By the end, they’ll be confident dancers who love exploring different styles.

This builds on from our schemes of work “Intro to Dance” and “Space and Relationships”.


  • Save planning time.
  • Editable materials for Google and Microsoft.
  • Deliver excellent, captivating dance lessons.
  • Aligned with national curriculum and OFSTED standards.
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Resource details

What’s included in this resource

Unit Title: Floorwork and Contact Work

Duration: 6 – 8 weeks

Designed for: KS3, Year 8 or 9.

Suitable for: KS3, Year 8, Age 12+, KS3 and KS4.

  • Full Scheme of Work: Detailed implementation plans and impact assessment strategies for seamless integration into your teaching.
  • Lesson Plans & Presentations: Engaging lesson plans and visually appealing presentations to captivate your students.
  • Assessment & Questioning: Varied assessment techniques and thought-provoking questions to gauge student understanding.
  • Worksheets:
    • Interactive workbooks for in-class activities, assessment, and tracking progress.
    • Homework assignments to reinforce learning.
  • Assessment Tools:
    • Self-testing quizzes to promote independent learning.
    • Aligned assessments to measure unit objectives.

Student Resources:

  • Lesson Packs: 7 lesson presentations with associated assessments
  • Student Workbooks: Yearly Progress Tracker, Learning Journey, Unit Overview for clear articulation of concepts
  • Golden Keywords: Focusing on essential concepts
  • Assessment & Feedback: Strategies for assessing and providing feedback
  • Retrieval Self/Peer Appreciation: Techniques to encourage retrieval and peer appreciation of learning

Non-Participant Resources:

  • Workbook for non-participating students to remain engaged and connected to the learning process
  • Designed to help students who are injured or unable to actively participate for an extended period

Movement Videos:

  • Videos with movement examples, breakdowns, and warm-ups
  • Inspirational choreography videos/demos
  • Music playlists to accompany the movement activities

SEND Support Materials:

  • “Getting Unstuck” support materials tailored to each dance unit
  • Addressing challenges that SEN students, Pupil Premium (PP) recipients, or others might face

Challenge and Extension:

  • Tasks for students seeking extra challenge or extension
  • Opportunities for advanced exploration and alternative floorwork and contact work challenges

This resource equips you with everything you need to foster a dynamic and inclusive learning environment where students can confidently explore the expressive potential of floorwork and contact work.

  • KS3 Dance
  • KS4 Dance
  • Year 8 Dance
  • Floorwork and Contact Work
  • Dance Scheme of Work
  • Dance Lesson Plans
  • Dance Assessments
  • Dance Resources
  • Inclusive Dance Education
  • SEN Dance Support


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You will also receive a link to a shared google drive folder which will allow you to copy files to your own google drive folder allowing you to assign these using the Google Classroom. Full instructions on these are included within the download links.

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