KS3 Dance Workbooks and Long Term Plans



Introducing the KS3 assessment booklets by Dance Resource. Discover three booklets designed for Year 7, 8 & 9. Customise them to match your class, key stage/grade, aligning with your teaching content.


These workbooks are here to assist your dance students throughout the year. They provide unit overviews, key terms, quick reterival/progress checks, a simple final assessment checklist, and space for reflection and feedback on their dancing and progress.


But that’s not all! We’ve got more in store. We’ve planned additional dance resources for KS3. Each unit in these booklets outlines each scheme of learning that will soon/is now available in our online shop.


Saving you time. Helping you plan and make a successfully sequence KS3 dance curriculum.

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Resource details

What’s included in this resource

Introduction: KS3 Assessment Overview Booklets

Welcome to Dance Resources’ Assessment Overview Booklet tailored for AQA Dance at KS3 – a crucial tool meticulously crafted to simplify your teaching and guide your students through their dance education. This booklet can serve as a standalone workbook for the year or be seamlessly integrated at the start of exercise books or folders, presenting assessments in a clear chronological order. Beyond assessments, the booklet offers an extensive glimpse into our Year 7, 8, and 9 dance curriculum.

Three Booklets for Year 7, 8, and 9

Inside this resource, you’ll discover three distinct overview booklets, tailored for Year 7, Year 8, and Year 9. These booklets are fully editable, offering you the flexibility to customize them according to your course duration and learning journey. Whether your course spans two or three years, modifying the content to suit your needs is straightforward.

Unlocking Key Benefits:

1. Assessment Clarity: This booklet simplifies each assessment using clear language, making it accessible for both teachers and students. The user-friendly criteria descriptions ensure everyone understands what’s expected.

2. Student-Friendly Insight: Each unit features a student-friendly overview that guides students through their learning journey. This empowers them to express their progress and grasp their objectives.

3. Prepared for Inspection/Deep Dives: During Ofsted inspections or deep dives, the booklet becomes a tangible representation of your curriculum’s structure and student-centered focus. Students can use it as a guide when explaining their learning process.

4. Efficient and Effective: With designated spaces for feedback and time-saving tick sheets, the booklet streamlines the assessment process, allowing you to focus more on teaching.

The Overview Advantage:

In addition, the booklets incorporate a comprehensive long-term plan outlining the dance resources that will be covered throughout KS3. This overarching plan forms the backbone for each scheme of work we introduce to our shop, ensuring perfect alignment with these assessment booklets.

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Our files come in 2 different sets of formats.

You will receive a zip file for Microsoft Office files (MS Word and MS Powerpoint). Please note that the Google Form quizzes are incompatible with Microsoft related products.

You will also receive a link to a shared google drive folder which will allow you to copy files to your own google drive folder allowing you to assign these using the Google Classroom. Full instructions on these are included within the download links.

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