Movement Displays



Explore our practical “Dance Movement Component Displays” – designed with students in mind. These four displays spotlight key elements: actions, space, dynamics, and relationships. Completely editable. We print them for our dance studio in size 150 x 113 dimensions using ‘Adverset,’ printing. Perfect for both lesson revision and sparking movement ideas, these displays make learning interactive and enjoyable.


  • Save planning time.
  • Editable materials for Google and Microsoft.
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Resource details

Download formats

Our files come in 2 different sets of formats.

You will receive a zip file for Microsoft Office files (MS Word and MS Powerpoint). Please note that the Google Form quizzes are incompatible with Microsoft related products.

You will also receive a link to a shared google drive folder which will allow you to copy files to your own google drive folder allowing you to assign these using the Google Classroom. Full instructions on these are included within the download links.

Licensing Types

Please read the information below to find out which license you will require before downloading.
Dance Resources for Teachers - Male Dancer 3

Single User License

Suitable For One Teacher / Parent / Child
Dance Resources for Teachers - Male Dancer 1

Department License

Suitable for a team of teachers in one school.
Dance Resources for Teachers - Male Dancer 2

MAT / LEA License

Share with all schools in your LEA or MAT.

Additional information

License Type

Department License, MAT / LEA License, Single User License


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