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Dance Resource’s AQA GCSE Dance assessment booklets. Tailored to slip into the front of exercise books/folders, It streamlines assessment, empowers learning journeys, benefiting both teachers and students. With student-friendly criteria, long-term plans, overviews and reflections.

Engage your KS3/Year 8 students in a powerful dance unit exploring themes of remembrance and war through choreography. This comprehensive scheme of work includes lesson plans, activities, assessments, and extension ideas to inspire creativity and understanding, with a focus on preparing students for GCSE Dance.


Don’t miss this opportunity to bring history to life through the power of dance, while setting your students on a path to GCSE success!

Order your “Lest We Forget” KS3 Dance Scheme of Work today and empower your students to create, connect, and commemorate.


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KS3 Dance Scheme of Work: Lest We Forget – Choreography Unit for Intermediate/Year 8 Students (with GCSE Preparation)

gnite your students’ passion for dance and history with this captivating KS3 choreography unit, designed with GCSE preparation in mind!

The “Lest We Forget” scheme of work is designed to guide your Year 8/Intermediate dance students through a creative exploration of remembrance and war themes. This comprehensive resource equips you with everything you need to deliver engaging and impactful lessons, while also laying the groundwork for GCSE Dance success:

  • Detailed Lesson Plans: Step-by-step guidance for 6-8 weeks of instruction, covering warm-ups, skill development, choreography tasks, and reflection activities.
  • Creative Tasks and Activities: Inspire students to express their understanding of war themes through improvisation, motif development, and group choreography, culminating in the creation of a duet/trio performance.
  • Differentiation Strategies: Adapt the content to cater to diverse learning needs, ensuring all students can participate and succeed.
  • Assessment Tools: Track student progress and provide constructive feedback with included assessment rubrics and self-reflection prompts, aligned with GCSE Dance assessment criteria.
  • Extension Ideas: Take the learning further with additional research projects, performance opportunities, and cross-curricular connections.
  • Student Workbooks: Guide and assess student learning with engaging workbooks, including assessment and retrieval resources, “How to Get Unstuck” prompts, and options for non-participants.
  • Movement Explainers and Video Walkthroughs: Support your teaching with clear movement breakdowns and video demonstrations of the scheme in action.
  • GCSE Dance Preparation: Explicit connections to GCSE Dance requirements, including choreographic processes, performance skills, and critical analysis.
  • Inspiration from Current Choreographers: Engage students with the work of renowned choreographers like Rosie Kay (5 Soldiers) and Ballet Boyz (Young Men) to spark creativity and broaden their understanding of dance as a medium for social commentary.

By the end of this unit, your students will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of remembrance and the impact of war.
  • Create original choreography that reflects their personal interpretations of the theme, showcasing their skills in duet/trio performance.
  • Enhance their technical dance skills, including improvisation, partnering, and spatial awareness.
  • Build confidence in their creative expression and performance abilities, preparing them for GCSE Dance assessments.
  • Collaborate effectively with their peers to produce a meaningful dance piece.
  • Gain exposure to the work of influential choreographers and understand how dance can be used to address important social issues.

Don’t miss this opportunity to bring history to life through the power of dance, while setting your students on a path to GCSE success!

Order your “Lest We Forget” KS3 Dance Scheme of Work today and empower your students to create, connect, and commemorate.

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