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Engage your Y9 students with this exciting KS3 dance unit inspired by “So You Think You Can Dance.” Learn Lindy Hop, Hip Hop, & Afro-Commercial routines, explore Capoeira & Line Dancing, and develop choreography skills. Includes lesson plans, assessments, SEND adaptations, and movement videos. This comprehensive KS3 dance unit challenges students to master diverse dance styles, build choreography skills, and boost their confidence through performance. Perfect for  Dance/PE teachers seeking an engaging way to teach dance.

Unit Title: Dance Styles – SYTYCD
Duration: 8 to 10 weeks
Grade/Level/Year: Year 9, Age 13+, KS3

KS3 dance scheme of work, Dance Style, So You Think You Can Dance, Lindy Hop, Hip Hop, Afro-Commercial, Capoeira, Line Dancing, PE curriculum, choreography, SEND dance, differentiated instruction.

  • Save planning time.
  • Editable materials for Google and Microsoft.
  • Deliver excellent, captivating dance lessons.
  • Aligned with national curriculum and OFSTED standards.
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Resource details

What’s included in this resource

Transform your KS3 PE dance curriculum with this dynamic and student-centered unit, designed to ignite a passion for dance and movement. Inspired by the popular TV show “So You Think You Can Dance,” this unit will test your students’ skills, adaptability, and creativity across a range of styles:

  • Lindy Hop: Swing into the energetic world of Lindy Hop, mastering footwork, partner connection, and improvisation.
  • Old School Hip Hop: Groove to the beats of classic Hip Hop, learning iconic moves and developing your own freestyle flair.
  • Afro-Commercial: Blend African dance rhythms with contemporary styles to create unique and expressive choreography.
  • Extensions: Explore the dynamic movements of Capoeira and the fun footwork of country/line dancing (Texas hold ’em style)

What’s Included:

  • Comprehensive Lesson Plans: Detailed plans for each session, including warm-ups, skill development, choreography, and cool-downs.
  • Differentiated Assessment Strategies: Formative and summative assessments to track student progress and provide targeted feedback.
  • SEND Adaptations & Challenges: Modifications and extensions to support students with diverse needs and abilities.
  • Worksheets & Homework: Engaging activities for in-class practice and independent learning.
  • Student Workbooks: Resources to track progress, reflect on learning, and showcase their understanding of dance concepts.
  • Movement Videos: High-quality videos demonstrating routines, technique breakdowns, and warm-up exercises.
  • Music Playlists: Curated music selections to enhance the learning experience.
  • Non-Participant Workbook: Inclusive materials for injured or non-dancing students.
  • SEND Support Materials: Targeted support to help students overcome challenges and thrive.
  • Challenge & Extension Tasks: Opportunities for advanced students to deepen their knowledge and skills.

Who This Is For:

  • PE Teachers: Seeking an innovative and engaging way to teach dance.
  • Dance Teachers/ Dance Instructors: Looking for new routines and choreography ideas.
  • Students: Eager to explore different dance styles, improve their technique, and express themselves through movement.

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