Know your Physical Skills: Unlocking the “MICS FAB PECS” Mnemonic

August 26, 2022

Embarking on the journey of knowing and refining our physical abilities can often feel like a complex task. However, a clever mnemonic device has emerged to simplify this process by aiding the memory of vital aspects of physical skills. Introducing “MICS FAB PECS” – an ingenious acronym designed to encapsulate fundamental physical skills that form the cornerstone of excellence. Let’s explore this mnemonic’s power and discover how it can elevate your pursuit of physical mastery.

Deconstructing “MICS FAB PECS”:

  1. M for Mobility: The foundation of physical skills is mobility, the effortless movement of joints as you transition from action to action. “MICS FAB PECS” initiates with a reminder that mobility is your gateway to smooth, uninterrupted motions.
  2. I for Isolation: Sometimes, precision demands isolating a single body part for movement while keeping the rest still. Isolation imparts accuracy to your actions, ensuring each component functions precisely.
  3. C for Control: Control takes the helm of your physical capabilities. It signifies the art of initiating, halting, and transitioning movements with calculated accuracy, much like a conductor guiding an orchestra.
  4. S for Strength: Strength forms the bedrock of physical endeavors. It’s the muscle power that propels your actions, furnishing the necessary force to bring your movements to life.
  5. F for Flexibility: Flexibility presents your body’s range of motion, akin to a dancer’s graceful routine. Flexibility allows your joints to cooperate harmoniously, curbing stiffness and ensuring fluidity.
  6. A for Alignment: Alignment underscores the significance of correct posture. When body parts assume their rightful positions, you achieve equilibrium and harmony, enriching your overall physical experience.
  7. B for Balance: Balance equitably distributes weight, providing stability and confidence. It’s equilibrium that thwarts wobbling, empowering you to tackle intricate maneuvers with surefootedness.
  8. P for Posture: Posture extends beyond mere straightening; it denotes preserving optimal body alignment consistently. It confers a poised, professional demeanor to your movements.
  9. E for Extension: Extension encompasses stretching muscles to their full length. Just as a rubber band elongates for greater elasticity, deliberate extension extracts your muscles’ full potential.
  10. C for Coordination: Coordination unifies diverse physical skills. When body parts collaborate seamlessly, resembling instruments in a symphony, your movements exude grace and precision.
  11. S for Stamina: Stamina furnishes the energy and endurance required for sustained efforts. It serves as the energy source powering your physical activities, ensuring unwavering performance from commencement to conclusion.

Learning “MICS FAB PECS” as a student of AQA GCSE Dance:

M for Mobility – Joints let you move easily, action to action,
I for Isolation – One part moves alone, a separate satisfaction,
C for Control – Starting, stopping, shifting with a careful reaction,
S for Strength is muscle power, it fuels movement’s traction,
F for Flexibility – Joints’ range of motion, like a graceful dance reaction,
A for Alignment – Body parts in place, a balanced interaction,
B for Balance – Weight shared evenly, a steady satisfaction,
P for Posture – How you stand and sit, an important consideration,
E for Extension – Muscles stretch out, a deliberate elongation,
C for Coordination – Body Parts working together, synchronised cooperation,
S for Stamina – Endurance and energy, vital for performance preparation.

These physical skills you must remember for a fantastic foundation.

Teach “MICS FAB PECS” in a practical/fun way to help learning stick as a teacher of AQA GCSE Dance:

Read this with students doing physical actions to accompany each skill. The sillier and funnier the better! Here are some ideas. Get students up and moving as quick as possible.

M for Mobility – Pretend you’re a robot with creaky joints, moving from one pose to another with jerky, exaggerated motions.

I for Isolation – Wiggle just one finger, and give it a triumphant wave like it’s the star of the show.

C for Control – Move as if you’re a mime stuck in an invisible box, carefully pushing against the walls and then freezing in different positions.

S for Strength – Flex your muscles like a bodybuilder, showing off your “super strength” by lifting imaginary heavy objects with exaggerated grunts.

F for Flexibility – Imagine you’re a rubber band, stretching and contorting your body like a playful, twisty yoga instructor.

A for Alignment – Stand like a soldier at attention, making sure every part of your body is in perfect alignment, even if that means you look a bit stiff!

B for Balance – Walk on an imaginary tightrope, with arms out to the sides, wobbling dramatically but somehow never falling off.

P for Posture – Strut around like a proud peacock, puffing out your chest and keeping your chin up as if you’re wearing an invisible crown.

E for Extension – Pretend you’re a sleepy cat waking up from a nap, slowly stretching each muscle as you transition from one comfy pose to another.

C for Coordination – Dance like a marionette on strings, making your limbs move in a coordinated but slightly exaggerated and jerky manner.

S for Stamina – Do a pretend “marathon,” jogging in place with dramatic huffing and puffing, while taking sips from an imaginary water bottle to keep your energy up.


Mastery of physical skills surpasses blind repetition; it requires comprehending the nuances that render each motion effective and impactful. The “MICS FAB PECS” mnemonic serves as your compass, summoning the essential elements that contribute to your physical prowess. So, when embarking on your next physical pursuit, bear in mind this potent memory aid, embracing its potential – a robust foundation to achieve excellence in every movement.