Streamline Dance Feedback for Students with Teacher Fast Feedback

January 20, 2024

As a dance teacher, I know how vital feedback is for students’ growth. But the hours of marking can really take a toll! I was recommended the gem of a printer by the Teacher Fast Feedback system.

This little gadget is a game-changer. I can quickly record verbal feedback or predesign formative targets each student’s needs. My GCSE and A-Level dancers get on-the-spot critiques. For KS3, I pre-print labels with feedback tied to curriculum units.

The system has cut my marking time in half. I have more energy for my students and myself. The dancers love getting personalised comments right away and love using the machine for peer comments. It’s a win-win!

If you feel overwhelmed by marking, trying to find a way of recording verbal feedbacl look into Teacher Fast Feedback. Investing in this tool has made a huge difference for my dance curriculum and wellbeing.